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E-commerce website design

We make it easy to get your commercial website up and running in the shortest period of time. Whilst we can of course build a system from the ground up we have found the best value can be gained from existing, open source, proven systems. The key advantage is cost as most systems are provided freely hence the only cost involved is the design to match your requirements.

Branding and logo design

Graphic and UI design

Mobile applications design

E-commerce Hosting

Ecommerce websites require additional space and transfer to accommodate shopping cart functions and scripts, while still ensuring reliable and smooth operation of the store. We make sure to provide the space to handle the current product offerings of our clients, while also allowing room for future expansion and upgrades as needed.COMPIAC.COM provides a full range of scalable hosting options, including expandable server space, virtual private servers, and dedicated hosting. Ecommerce sites hosted by us also feature the simple and secure payment processing that consumer’s demand. We provide the best technology available for processing orders from around the world. Taking the utmost care to provide the most stable and secure ecommerce hosting, as well as the reliable and prompt support that you need, COMPIAC.COM is your source for the best ecommerce hosting solutions.

What We Offer

Our focus remains mainly on how to create the best sales portals for you or how to integrate the same to your existing business process and maximize sales and profit though your online existence. The experienced and skilled website designers and developers at COMPIAC.COM utilize proven and effective solutions to customize your online store according to your business needs and give your customers the most satisfying and secured online shopping experience. Starting from a fully customized shopping cart system to a secure certificate and from an extremely efficient real-time order processing to the most convenient payment procedure – we promise complete online store development solutions to meet the needs of every individual business owners wanting to sell their products or services online.

E-Commerce Web Hosting Pricing

Plan 1

69$ / month

1500 product

10Gb Data Transfer

Plan 2

99$ / month

5000 product

15Gb Data Transfer

Plan 3

149$ / month

10000 product

20Gb Data Transfer

Plan 4

199$ / month

15000 product

30Gb Data Transfer

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