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So you’ve planned your strategy and built some business tools? Excellent!

Let’s put them to good use and start pulling in some qualified traffic. This is where we start implementing activities to drive traffic to your business. Compiac's traffic generation services include:

Website Design

A professionally designed website is a critical component of a successful inbound marketing campaign. Whether you need a new website or are looking to redesign your website to be more aligned with inbound marketing, we can help you! By using inbound marketing best practices we are able to craft a professional-looking, easy to navigate and streamlined website that provides valuable content for your customers.

Visual Content Marketing

The visual content is much more powerful than the written content. Due to its high ability to attract attention and the high propensity to be shared, the visual content marketing is becoming increasingly important as a technique to generate traffic. We will help you in strategy development, the creation of visual content such as infographics or videos, and the distribution to various channels such as Instagram, Pinterest or YouTube.

Business Blogging

Your blog is the anchor of your inbound marketing strategy. Marketers have prioritized blogging as 13x more likely to enjoy positive ROI than those who don't. That's why our blogging program creates content that attracts prospects, builds company reputation, and increase the visibility and conversion of leads. we will take care of the setup of the blogging platform, analyze how the blow performed and we will make adjustments as needed.

Social Media Publishing

Social media success is not about how many channels you have. It's about choosing the best channels for your business, engaging influencers, and building a powerful distribution channel for your content. We at Compiac works to get the maximum ROI from investment in social media by setting up your social profiles, building a qualified audience to bring new leads to sales funnel and monitoring the performance.

Keyword Research and SEO

Search engines want to provide their users with the most relevant results possible, so a solid SEO strategy is one of the most important building blocks to have in place for a successful inbound marketing strategy. We'll help you integrate SEO as part of your inbound arsenal by choosing the right keywords, optimizing your website, identifying the best opportunities to get quality links and improving your ranking position in the search results.

PPC and Social Media Advertising

Paid search and paid social advertising is a very real part of an inbound marketing strategy. Not only are you able to drive traffic more quickly to your website, but it is also an excellent tool for testing the performance of new offers or campaigns. We help you use these tools in a way that are profitable and accelerate your strategy.

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