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Local SEO is about bringing customers through your doors.

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How Can Local SEO Services Help Your Business?

Local SEO increases the visibility of your business by driving your website to the top of local listings. If you have a local business, you need geographically-relevant traffic to your site through specifically targeted local rankings that will launch your company to reach the target customer demographic in your market.


Having your Local SEO Services managed properly and intelligently will save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. Our marketing goal is to increase your calls, leads, and sales through Search Engine Optimization.

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Our agency offers a local SEO search strategy specifically tailored to your location to ensure the right external location signals are sent as well as inbound links, on-page and social signals, and review signals to Google about the locations most relevant to your business. We use marketing strategies that allow you to build a stronger customer base that allows your business to grow organically.

We put great effort to achieve higher rankings in local search results by regularly checking the traffic source and continuously re-evaluating information for accuracy. We create profiles on popular web and social media platforms and provide useful information to target audiences.



of local mobile searches result in an in-store purchase.


of shoppers read reviews before making a purchase decision.


of users never scroll past the first page of search results.


of mobile searches are related to a location (Google)

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We also ensure that your business appears in local searches not only on desktops but also on mobile devices and tablets. Our goal is to earn outstanding listings on top of your local traffic competitors.

With our approach, your website will correctly target your audience which will significantly increase your profitability. Our team keeps your business’ online listings accurate and optimized for potential customers and mapping systems, providing an easy access your information and your business location.

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Local SEO FAQs

How Long Does It Take To Get Found on Google?
SEO takes time, usually we recommend running an SEO campaign for at least 6 months which will be enough time to see significant improvement. However, sometimes it is possible to see some results within the first 3 months, especially if you are not ranking due to technical or optimization issues – We usually fix those within the first two months, depending on the size of your website and the number of the issues.
How Much Does Local Search Engine Optimization Cost?
The cost of any SEO program varies greatly based upon your project size, location and your competitions. We offer basic local SEO services starting at $200 per month. If you want which option is best for you, please contact us and our specialists would be happy to help you choose the right option.
Does My Business Needs Local SEO? 
Any business that services a local base client is a good candidate for local SEO. This service is best suited to location-based businesses like lawyers, medical professionals, insurance companies, restaurants, pubs, and many more. If you have a single location, or multiple locations across Lebanon, or you take your services to clients, local SEO can be an effective strategy to adopt. Speak with our SEO experts to get an estimate of the amount of people searching in your area for your services. If local SEO is not a good fit for you, we will tell you.

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