Important Benefits of SEO for Small Businesses

  • November 14, 2016
  • SEO

You’re a small business, and you’ve recently gotten your website up. Now you’re starting to think about that phrase that keeps popping up, search engine optimization (SEO). What are the benefits of seo for small businesses and why should you invest your time and money into it?

First, let’s talk a little bit about what search engine optimization is and how it works. It’s an internet marketing strategy geared towards the way search engine indexing operates. There are ways to increase your website’s ranking so that the website will be picked up, indexed, and ranked by search engines — so that your site will receive a high ranking over time. Of course, you can always pay to have your website receive a high ranking (through PPC or pay per click methods), but there are definite benefits to organic or unpaid methods when striving to achieve high ranking from search engine indexing. SEO is the process we use to make a website or webpage more visible through these natural,” “organic “or “unpaid” efforts. Your SEO efforts can target specific types of searches: They can target video, academic, image, news, or industry-specific search engines, so you can cast your SEO net wide. Now, what exactly are these benefits?

SEO provides a more user-friendly website. For example, by optimizing your site with keywords, customers will be able to type in search words and find your site quickly.

You’ll get more new customers. When you employ on-page SEO techniques (such as using popular keywords that customers are likely to punch in), search engines will award you higher rankings in their search indexes over time, and this will subsequently increase your inbound, organic traffic and drive growth. In other words, more customers will find you, and they will “hit” your page with increasing frequency.

You’ll get better conversion rates. Once you’ve attracted readers to your site with effective search words, the next step is to ensure that informative, high-quality content is available on your site for them to read. That way, you’ll engage readers on the page, you’ll avoid having them “bounce” off to another site within seconds, and you’ll have the opportunity to convert them into paying customers that find value in your product or service.

4. You’ll be able to combine your SEO efforts with other techniques to explore new markets. SEO gives you the opportunity to broaden your markets across the globe by combining your SEO techniques with other methods. One way is to combine your SEO efforts with making your site mobile-friendly, so people can access your site anytime, anywhere. Another example is localization: broadening your key words and content to adapt to cultural differences in regions outside your country, or even investing in a top-notch online translation service that makes your content culturally and linguistically available to speakers of other languages.

You’ll build brand awareness. By increasing traffic to your site and adapting your content linguistically and culturally to diverse international markets, you’ll build brand awareness globally. And the more brand awareness that you achieve, the more likely you are to create a community of brand ambassadors among your customers. In your brand community, members will then build relationships with other customers, demonstrate loyalty to your brand or service, and actively engaging online and offline to promote your brand to friends and family as part of their lifestyle.

You’ll bypass competition. Using SEO techniques and increasing the amount of inbound traffic to your site, you’ll bypass the competition that does not use those techniques or make their content more accessible. And to continue bypassing the competition, it’s always a good idea to stay updated with the latest SEO rules and best practices.

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