5 Attractive Social Media Posts that Boost Shares and Engagement


Are you struggling to make social media work for you? Perhaps you’re running out of post ideas to elicit likes, comments, and shares on your social pages. Or maybe you simply want new ways to liven up your business social pages that exude more of your brand personality while giving value to your followers.

Whatever the reason, your concerns are valid in wanting to energize your social strategy to maintain engagement with your audience. With more businesses leveraging social media marketing in their inbound strategy, finding ways to separate your brand in newsfeeds is key to capturing attention and attracting users to your content.

The good news is, there are simple yet attractive social media posts that boost shares and drive engagement. We’ve outlined 5 ideas and how to implement them in your social media strategy.


#1 Your Blog Articles

Social media works well in sending traffic to your website and blog posts. In fact, social drives 31% referral traffic to websites (Source: Forbes).

Yet, simply posting your blog articles on social media doesn’t automatically generate engagement or traffic. You must make the headline colorful and compelling which gets people interested in your content. Here are a few ways how:

  • Share content that your audience wants to see. Developing buyer personas is an excellent way to fully understand your market so you can produce more of what they desire
  • Include images that complement your post. Images increases engagement significantly on social media to use them to your advantage
  • Add emotional-driven and descriptive words
  • Leverage tools such as CoSchedule’s Social Message Optimizer that help you write better social media content in promoting your blog posts

Finally, don’t just share your blog article once. Create an entire social media campaign your article where you publish it multiple times through your social channels for better responsiveness and increased exposure.


#2 Infographics

Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than any other type of content. They’re awesome in taking long-form or data-rich content and converting it into an illustrative format that makes it digestible for your followers. You can create your own using Infogr.am or hire a designer on 99designs.

You definitely want to implement visuals like infographics into your strategy because they’re incredibly valuable and allow you to showcase your expertise in a simple way. Infographics can also be repurposed into a separate blog post to bolster your content marketing. You’ll extend your reach and influence using infographics.

Promote your infographic with your social media management tool (i.e. Buffer, Hootsuite), scheduling your content in advance. Be sure to include the social groups you’re active in to give value to this audience. Infographics perform extremely well on Pinterest so use appropriate keywords in your description to increase visibility in search.


#3 Live Videos

Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, and Periscope are making huge gains on social media. Not only do people spend more time watching them than recorded videos, Facebook is actually giving greater prominence to live videos (Source: Social Media Today). You’re more likely to maximize your organic reach with live videos.

You see, live-streaming videos allow you to genuinely connect with your audience in real-time. People are able to experience your brand’s personality and find ways to relate to your message. You can build trust and your brand fast by using these apps in your social media marketing.

We dedicated an entire article to using Facebook Live to drive traffic to your site, increasing your followers, and amplifying your lead generation with this tool.


#4 Customer Testimonials

Another way to build quickly trust is by sharing customer’s experiences with your brand. Posting reviews and user-generated content reveals that people are happy with your brand and that what you’re doing is working. It shows proof and followers will feel a bit more confident in their decision to do business with you.

Publish customer reviews, testimonials, and their personal posts that highlight your brand. This should be a consistent content type in your social media marketing. Sharing a positive statement daily from your fans will certainly improve leads and sales goals.

Additionally, collect, organize and schedule user-generated content in your marketing. Visuals of customers using your brand or mentioning it via hashtags is killer content for your calendar.


#5 Your Office Culture

Allow people to get a glimpse of your office culture through social videos, live-streaming, and high-quality images. Inviting followers into your day humanizes your brand, makes you relatable and improves the relationship-building process that is key in digital marketing.

There are a plethora of ways you can bring your audience behind-the-scenes and give them a feel of your brand:

  • Share images and videos of any fun company gatherings like potlucks, the BBQ cookout, the Christmas party or a ball game
  • Recognize your team members for a job well done on social media. Employee of the Month or any other awards given should all be highlighted for everyone to see…and to congratulate!
  • Take followers backstage to a company related event such as a conference, meeting or training session
  • Office shenanigans are always fair game…plus it brings some entertainment to your posts!



A huge advantage here is that each of these tips are easy to implement and will give you the added engagement you desire. Start with three and incorporate them into your social media marketing. Test your results to see what sticks with your audience and ramp up from there.

Much success.

Do you want more out of your social media marketing? If you want to learn more about how we can help better your social strategy, reach out to us here and let’s chat!

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