How To Get More Followers, Leads and Traffic Using Facebook Live


Facebook Live is creating massive engagement on the webs #1 social media platform. In fact, people are spending 3 times longer watching Live versus organic uploads and prerecorded ones (Source: Social Media Today).

While this tool offers a great way for users to invite people into their world in real-time, marketers are taking advantage of its full potential in increasing brand awareness, connecting with followers and highlighting its products, services, and content.

With the power of video on your side, you can leverage Facebook Live as a valuable asset towards promoting your brand and achieving your marketing goals. In this guide, we will outline five ways on how you can specifically utilize Facebook Live to get more followers, gain new leads and drive traffic to your website.


#1 Take Viewers Behind-the-Scenes

Social media craves transparency and authenticity. The more you humanize your brand, the better people will relate to your content and establish trust. Events that were once private can now be made available to your audience with Facebook Live, allowing users to experience your culture. From holiday parties, business meetings, conference events to office shenanigans, take your followers backstage to get a taste of your brand. This keeps your people engaged while encouraging them to invite their network to the show!


#2 Report Breaking News

Since Live is real-time, it makes the perfect platform to report breaking or trending news especially topics that are relevant to your niche. You see, reporting news fast further positions you as a credible source. People will think of you first since you “stay on top of” what’s going on in your field. It’s also a way to give your insight and showcase brand personality.

Get viewers talking by asking them to share their opinion in the comments to boost engagement and create more conversation.


#3 Promote Your Recent or Popular Blog Posts

Repurposing was a top content marketing strategy in 2016 and remains to be highly effective today (Source: Content Marketing Institute). Facebook Live is an additional outlet to highlight your recent or popular blog post by going more in-depth into the topic, opening the opportunity for questions and comments for feedback, and driving traffic back to your original post.

If your website is optimized for leads, you’ll increase your email subscribers because you’re generating quality traffic that has already expressed a level of interest in your brand by attending your Live show. Therefore, promote your articles with Live. Share the benefits and get your audience talking by asking them questions. These experiences will go a long way to building brand loyalty.


#4 Give an Exclusive Offer

Grow your leads list by providing an exclusive special to attendees that appeal to their interest. Whether it’s a content offer, discount or coupon, a ticket into a prize drawing, or a free item, give away something that is enticing enough to draw people to your broadcast. In order to receive your gift, direct people to a landing page or have them give their name and email address in the comment below the live video.

Later, segment your email list to better qualify these leads for sales.


#5 Host Q&A Sessions

These shows are incredibly beneficial for you and your followers. People have the chance to ask you anything pertaining to your products or services, content, customer service, your “next big thing”…anything! It’s a way to truly engage with your audience and foster relationships. They’ll feel a stronger connection with you because of these personalized moments. This is great for business!

Sessions are highly advantageous for your content strategy. Imagine being asked 10 new questions that you never thought of or considered? These are fresh content topics that you can use in your content marketing. They’re priceless because it’s coming directly from your audience…it’s what they want to hear! Your content will become much more effective and engaging.



Facebook Live is an effective tool for marketers to promote their brand and boost their traffic, lead and follower count. Be sure to let your list and followers know in advance when you plan to broadcast to boost viewership. As you continue to make this an active strategy in your social media marketing, you’ll find live-streaming to be extremely valuable towards accomplishing your overall business goals.

Much success.

Ready to ramp up your content marketing for 2017? We are trained and driven to help you get to your next level! Contact us here to schedule a personalized consultation.

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