4 Weird Ways to Boost Brand Exposure Online


Struggling to find ways to increase your brand exposure and create more awareness online? You’re not alone. Many businesses experience said challenges in rising above the sea of content on the Internet and social media to get in front of their desired audiences. With countless brands competing to gain the attention of consumers, it’s crucial that you find ways to separate yourself from the crowd and get noticed by your ideal customer.

The good news is boosting brand exposure online isn’t a hard feat! In fact, the key is to remain consistent in your marketing, focus on your buyer personas, publish remarkable content, and hone the tactics that are creating engagement in 2017. In this guide, we’ll provide these tactics and share actionable tips you can implement today to boost brand exposure online and to increase awareness about your business.


#1 Optimize Blog Content

Your blog is your biggest asset to increasing visibility online. A whopping 71% of business bloggers agreed that their blog brought more exposure in their industries (Source: Business2Community). Additionally, companies who blog regularly have 434% more indexed pages than companies who do not.

Blogging positions you as an expert, gives you more links in the search engines, provides valuable content to share with your social followers and email list and drives more traffic to your website…all vital ingredients to boosting brand awareness. The key is optimizing your posts so that you improve its SEO ranking in search. The better you get at publishing blog posts that resonate with search engines, the more likely it will be found by your audience

Here are a few winning tips to optimizing your blog posts:

  • Include interactive content like infographics, videos, audios, surveys and polls, and calculators. They enhance user-experience and keep visitors on your site longer, improving SEO
  • Focus on 1-2 main keywords that your audience is actively searching for and sprinkle them organically throughout your post
  • Also add your keyword in the title, meta description, subheadings, and the URL link
  • Improve the readability of your post by using headings, numbers and bullet points
  • Images significantly increase engagement for your article, especially on social media. Use several visuals to complement your text
  • Always give a clear call-to-action, letting your readers know what to do next.


#2 Facebook Live is Hot!

Did you know that people spend 3 times longer watching Facebook Live videos versus prerecorded ones? Live videos are creating tons of engagement on social media, and brands are taking full advantage. They play right into your follower’s newsfeeds and can be leveraged to report breaking news, expand on a recent blog topic, host live Q&A sessions, or take viewers behind-the-scenes.

The real benefit to Facebook Live is that it provides another channel for social followers to connect with you and build trust with your brand. People get to experience you live and in living color! These transparent and authentic moments will bolster followership and get users inviting their networks to the broadcast. Build your leads list by giving a free content offer to viewers or by extending an exclusive coupon or discount. Or bring awareness to your new product by hosting a series of Facebook Live shows that builds momentum to its launch date.

The point: you can generate some serious awareness by using this tool and further connecting with your Facebook audience.


#3 Leverage Influencers

Fostering relationships with industry leaders is proving to be a huge success tactic in 2017! Influencer marketing can accelerate your presence online faster than when attempting to do it alone. Keep in mind that this is a partnership and a long-term strategy…it doesn’t simply happen overnight. Yet by being consistent and with proper nurturing, you can create winning situations for everyone involved and catapult your brand name in a new stratosphere!

Focus on 1-3 influencers at a time. Capture their attention by regularly engaging in their content through liking, commenting, and sharing. Consider tagging them in your posts but be sure that it offers value to their audience. Quotes and industry related topics are perfect content pieces for this. In due time, they’ll begin to notice your involvement and will do the same for you, putting your name in front of their followers.


#4 Repurpose Content

Another major benefit to blogging is that it serves as an ideal foundation to create other content pieces from to extend your reach and influence online. For example, you can take your long-form blog post and convert it into a mini-video series (using the subheadings as your title for each video), an infographic, audio for your podcast channel, multiple tweets, and a full blog webinar broadcast to delve deeper into your topic.

It’s working 10x smarter in your content strategy. You will never run out of content to share because you can simply repurpose your blog post over a period of time. With repurposing, you’re also giving your followers various ways to digest your content. Whereas some may enjoy reading a blog post, another may prefer to engage in your video regarding the same topic. You’ll appeal to different people and learning styles, making your content highly effective in reaching many audiences.



Bringing more awareness to your brand doesn’t have to be a difficult goal. By being in tuned with what your audience wants, you can leverage these tactics to truly get in front of your ideal customer and boost engagement. Simply choose 2, implement them in your strategy and test your outcomes. Keep at it and make necessary modifications. Soon you’ll create the perfect formula that generates exposure and gets people talking about your brand.

Much success!

Ready to ramp up your content marketing for 2017? We are trained and driven to help you get to your next level! Contact us here to schedule a personalized consultation.

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