10 Killer Content Marketing Tools Brands Need for Big Online Success

We can agree that having a strong content marketing strategy is absolutely necessary to engage with today’s consumer in 2017! Your client utilizes the Internet to socialize, shop, find solutions, search and simply stay “in the know”. It’s vital that your marketing strategy supports each of these objectives so your brand shows up when your audience is looking for you or what you can offer.

The best way to execute a working content marketing plan is leveraging different tools that allow you to work efficiently, boost productivity, and become effective in your strategy. We’ve compiled a great list that illustrates why each of these are vital to your business and how it will enhance your marketing. So here are 10 killer content marketing tools brands need in 2017.

#1 Buyer Persona Template – compiac

Understanding the pains, problems, and the common questions your audience has is the prerequisite to developing your content strategy. When you are clear on your market, you can create content that tailors to their needs and interest. This prevents you from wondering what to blog about or share on social media. You attract your ideal customer because you’re talking about topics that they want and desire to hear.

Creating buyer personas is indeed the best tactic to gaining a comprehensive view of your audience and how your brand can help them achieve their goals. We have a template that you can download here to get clarity of your customer so you can attract them to your content.

#2 Editorial Calendar – CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a robust editorial calendar that helps you plan, organize, and schedule your content. From visuals, social media posts, audios, blog posts, and infographics, your editorial calendar is a working map that outlines your content so you see it in plain view on one document.

This tool will help you maintain a consistent presence in your online marketing. You and your team will always have fresh content to share because you’re planning in advance and ensuring that your topics align with your overall business goals.

#3 Social Media Management – Buffer

People want to engage with your brand on social media. One-third of millenials actually prefer to communicate with businesses on social media…and that number is likely to increase so it’s critical that you stay active on all your social accounts to foster communication and engagement. Leveraging a social media management tool like Buffer is your solution.

Although there are a plethora of social tools available, Buffer makes the list because it’s easy to use, allows you to post on all major social channels, and have amazing features like content curation and best posting times to get the most out of your social media marketing. You can also pull an analytics report so you can see which posts receive more responses and which ones don’t.

Schedule your social media posts weeks in advance to remain effective with Buffer.

#4 Images – Canva

Images ROCK on the Internet. In fact, articles that have an image for every 75-100 words receive double the number of social shares (Source: Hubspot)! Infographics are liked and shared on social media 3 times more than other any other type of content and Facebook posts with images experience 2.3 times more engagement than those without. Images have a major impact on your marketing and should be treated with much respect.

Canva is a simple tool where you can create unlimited images for free! Make your marketing colorful, influential and engaging by adding more images that exude your brand.

#5 Webforms – SumoMe

Growing your list is the lifeline to your business. The more quality leads you have to work with, the more opportunities you create for sales and loyal customers. With that said, you want to have as many tools in your favor towards building your email subscribers.

SumoMe is a popular WordPress plugin packaged with incredible tools geared towards capturing leads from your website. From popups that occur on the top of the page, slides in, or on the side, SumoMe gives multiple opportunities to gain new subscribers. Easily install this plugin and begin exploring all the options available.

#6 Landing Pages – LeadPages

Landing pages is another crucial tool needed for growing your list. When they are super-targeted and appeal to your visitor, it will significantly enhance your overall content strategy with high conversions. LeadPages is a phenomenal asset where you can build unlimited landing pages to promote free content offers, webinars, and sales promotions.

Choose from the many template designs that resonate with your message and visitors and test your results with LeadPages analytics.

#7 Webinars – Zoom

Did you know that webinars is a solid tactic to bolstering thought-leadership and establishing authority in your niche? Webinars are strong platforms to showcasing your expertise, allowing you to delve deeper into related topics and product information.

The good news about webinars is that it’s another method to growing your leads list. With each participant, they must register with their name and email prior to joining your broadcast. You can build your list with each webinar. Zoom is easy to use and incredibly inexpensive ($15/month). Provide an additional outlet for your customers and prospects to connect and learn from you using Zoom!

#8 Email Marketing Software – MailChimp

Collecting leads is the first part to an operable email marketing strategy. To convert subscribers into buying customers, you must nurture them with valuable content that keeps them connected to your brand. With eNewsletters, coupon and discount offers, blog posts and curated content, your email content can strategically move your leads closer to the buying decision.

MailChimp is one of the more popular email marketing software systems in the market. You can create beautiful email templates, segment your list for personalization (which significantly improves engagement), and plan your messages to enrich your email strategy.

#9 Videos – Your Mobile Device or Camera

Facebook generates a whopping 8 billion views a day from videos (Source: Social Media Today). Also, people spend 3 times longer watching live-streaming video versus ones that have been prerecorded. Finally, 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video about it.

What do these statistics reveal? That video marketing has an impressive impact on captivating attention and getting viewers to take action. Videos can elevate your brand quickly because it builds trust and allows people to experience your personality. The good news is that you always have your mobile device readily available, meaning you can regularly use this tool to accelerate your brand presence.


#10 Website Measurements – Google Analytics

Testing and measuring your marketing efforts is an ongoing process towards perfecting your strategy and discovering what’s working. You see, it’s not enough to post content and hope it sticks! You want to know what resonates with your audience so you can produce more of that content. This is how you get consistent results by constantly testing your results.

Google Analytics provides the critical data that reveals what “clicks” with your audience. From the number of page views, how long they remain on your site, what times are most responsive, to which pages and blog articles have the most visits, you’ll gain clear insight into your marketing so you can make the proper adjustments for improvement


Each of these tools will add value to your content marketing strategy. Leverage them all to your advantage and better your online results in the process.

Much success!

Ready to ramp up your content marketing for 2017? We are trained and driven to help you get to your next level! Contact us here to schedule a personalized consultation.

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