The Best 3 Content Marketing tips to skyrocket your SEO Strategy


Did you know that only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing (Source: Hubspot)? With the vast majority of businesses implementing content marketing in their promotional strategies such as social media, email, blogging, and video, it’s important that your strategy is actually working to yield favorable results.

But, it’s not about cranking out new content at alarming rates to meet a quantitative goal. Sometimes you simply need to look at what you do have and make modifications to make it better.

Consider the content performing well and generating tons of traffic or attraction from your audience. Revisiting these content pieces can be worth your time and investment versus publishing new content and “hoping it sticks”.

If you’re amongst the 70% that agree your content marketing isn’t as effective as it could or should be, here are three rare content marketing tips that you can implement to make your SEO strategy strong and long-lasting.

#1 Update Old Content

Is there content you’ve published on your blog that’s not generating any or enough traffic? Perhaps it’s a topic that you know is relevant to your audience yet it’s failing in producing comments, backlinks, or any new visitors from search.

Help your content stand out and get noticed by doing a content relaunch. By enhancing your blog post, you can add the right ingredients it needs to do well in search and on social media.

Go back into your Google Analytics and view your lowest-performing content. Here are a few steps to begin augmenting your post:

  • Update the images. Be sure to optimize them for SEO so they can also appear in the “Image” search results of Google
  • Add a case study. These content pieces are highly valuable as it increases your credibility and builds trust with your audience
  • Restructure the copy so the formatting is easy to read
  • Include a piece of interactive content like a video, infographic, audio, slide show, or survey to boost engagement
  • Long-form content performs well in search and on social media. Ramp up your word count by adding more meat to the bones

#2 Add Content Offers

Brian Dean at Backlinko is infamous for including what he calls “content upgrades” to his blog articles to boost lead generation. The science behind its success is sharing a content offer that complements or aligns with the topic the reader is engaging in.

For example, if your topic is “10 Ways to Grow Tomatoes in Your Backyard”, then a likely content offer could be a cookbook that shares amazing recipes with the tomato ingredient. Visitors are more apt to give their contact info because it’s something they’re interested in.

Typically, these content upgrades are embedded within the blog article. If you visit a number of Brian’s posts, you’re sure to be welcomed with a content upgrade offer that is compelling enough to get you opting in.

What content upgrade could you offer on your high-trafficked blog posts? Whether it’s a checklist, template, cheat sheet, or video series, adding a content upgrade can dramatically improve your lead generation and SEO ranking as people remain on your site longer.

#3 Perform SEO and Content Audits

Testing, analyzing, and measuring your content is a vital component to knowing your strategy is indeed working. You see, sharing content without an intended goal in mind will yield fickle results. It’s important that your hard work isn’t going to waste. Ensure your content’s success by analyzing its outcomes and finding ways to create even better results.

The following checklist is a great way to perform content audits:

  • What keywords are visitors using to find my content in search? Social media?
  • How many page views is my website receiving?
  • How many leads are we generating from our post?
  • How much engagement are we driving (i.e. likes, shares, comments)?
  • Which content type is read the most (i.e. blog articles, visuals, etc.)?
  • Which content type actually generates the most shares?
  • How long are readers staying on my page (what’s the bounce rate)? Are they visiting other pages on my website?

Imagine if you did this for each of your blog posts, your team will remain focused as you aim to achieve optimal results from every article you publish.


Use these tips to give your content marketing strategy the slight edge needed to drive traffic, capture leads, and boost awareness. Much success.

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