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Did you know that only 30% of B2B marketers say their organizations are effective at content marketing (Source: Hubspot)? With the vast majority of businesses implementing content marketing in their promotional strategy such as social media, email, blogging, and video, it’s important that your strategy is actually working to yield favorable results.

Attracting visitors to your website is one thing…keeping them engaged on your page is another feat. You see, the desire is further engagement like perusing through your content, clicking on your CTAs to opt-in, commenting and sharing your site on their social networks. Failing to elicit these responses means an ineffective website.

Your business blog is a top marketing tool that brings credibility to your brand. It is the platform to showcase your expertise, offer solutions to your readers, and increase visibility online. When completely optimized, your blog can serve as a true lead generating and sales machine, bolstering your bottom-line.

When most brands think of SEO tactics, they spend a considerable amount of time thinking of keywords and optimizing their web content to rank for these phrases. Yet, that’s only part of the puzzle. You see, there are other elements that affect search engine optimization and will also better your website’s visibility.

With 89% of B2B marketers using content marketing to advance their business goals, how can you separate your blog posts from the sea of content being produced online? More marketers and brands are blogging now than ever before in an effort to appeal to today’s consumer. It’s indeed the best way to increase brand exposure, […]

Search engine optimization (“SEO” for short) is the practice of using various techniques to increase the ranking of a business on a search engine. Generally speaking, customers will not progress past the first page of search results, so the goal of many SEO campaigns is to land the business on the first page. Because Search […]

Gone are the times when websites presented static content and readers passively read promotions about the company’s brand. Nowadays, making a connection between the brand and your online audience through using Web 2.0 approaches that actively encourage interaction and engagement is essential. And that includes, of course, building links that provide viewers access to quality content. Here […]

Using SEO for online success in a business never goes away, and it’s becoming more critical to focus on it to rise to the top on Google. With stricter rules enforced by Google in their algorithms, you can’t just use thoughtless keywords and hope for the best.

You’re a small business, and you’ve recently gotten your website up. Now you’re starting to think about that phrase that keeps popping up, search engine optimization (SEO). What are the benefits of seo for small businesses and why should you invest your time and money into it?

Blogging for your business is mandatory for building a strong and authoritative brand online.  In 2016, no brand should be without an active blogging campaign that produces ongoing quality content for their followers and customers.  It’s the platform that builds the like, know, and trust factor with prospects while increasing brand awareness and exposure.  With […]