6 Unique Reasons why Companies in Lebanon Need SEO

  • December 19, 2016
  • SEO

Search engine optimization (“SEO” for short) is the practice of using various techniques to increase the ranking of a business on a search engine. Generally speaking, customers will not progress past the first page of search results, so the goal of many SEO campaigns is to land the business on the first page. Because Search Engine Optimization is so effective, every small business should make it a regular part of their marketing strategy. Here are 6 unique reasons why companies in Lebanon need SEO.

1. SEO Still Works and It is here to Stay

As technology changes, different marketing strategies tend to wax and wane. This is simply not true of SEO: as time progresses, a good SEO campaign only increases its effectiveness relative to other forms of marketing. While other forms of advertising, such as direct mailing, may decrease their effectiveness over time, the opposite is true of SEO: as the organic search engine results of your business improve, you will find that the money spent on optimizing your pages for search engines will bring in more business on a dollar-for-dollar basis.

2. SEO is Cost Effective

Some forms of marketing, such as mailings or fliers, require an additional cost for each unit. Search Engine Optimization, however, is just the opposite: there is no additional cost for each page view that your business garners. Thus, in terms of the number of eyes your marketing can reach for a given amount spent, there is simply no better choice than an effective Search Engine Optimization campaign.

3. More People Are Searching Than Ever Before

Since it gained widespread use roughly 20 years ago, the Internet has only grown in popularity with each passing year. Today, there are more people online than ever before, and that means more people utilizing online searches to conduct business than ever before. Further, as doing business online gains widespread acceptance, the percentage of Internet users who are comfortable utilizing search engines to locate a business that can meet their needs is higher than ever before.

This means that more people are using search engines today than at any point in the history of the Internet. This means having your pages optimized for certain search keywords is a better investment today than ever before.

4. The Rise of Mobile Searches

Smartphone technology has changed the way consumers engage in Internet searches. In fact, more people now conduct searches on mobile devices than on traditional desktop computers. Google is used more than 100 billion times each month–most of those searches are on mobile devices–meaning that placement on the first page is priceless to a small business.

5. Your Digital Competitors Are Doing It.

Take a moment to do a Google search in your industry. Whatever business sector you operate in, just do a quick search. You will see that, no matter how esoteric your business niche may be, there is a business out there utilizing the power of search engine optimization to get their name in front of you. If your competitors are taking advantage of SEO strategies and you are not, that means lost sales for your business.

6. SEO Provides the Best ROI.

The profit you generate from each dollar you spend on marketing is known as “return on investment.” Your ROI is important because most likely you have a limited marketing budget. This means you want to get the best return for every marketing dollar you spend.

Investing in Search Engine Optimization has a better ROI than other forms of marketing or channel. For example, take social media marketing. Everyone considers social media to be the latest thing in small business marketing, but every dollar you spend on optimizing your ranking can bring in up to ten times as much as the same amount spent on social media.


As you can see, a good SEO marketing campaign is the best way to maximize your advertising budget. Feel free to contact us for more information, or for assistance in launching your SEO plan.

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