5 Strong Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

With over 2 billion active social media users worldwide, establishing a strong social media presence will be a huge component to your online marketing success. More and more consumers are following and seeking to interact with their favorite brands on social media. In fact, a third of millenials state that social media is indeed www.compiac.com/blog-2their preferred channel for communicating with businesses (Source: Business2Community).

Since this increase in social media usage has greatly expanded beyond simply networking with family and friends, it’s crucial that your small business leverages these platforms to connect with your customers and increase brand exposure to gain new ones. The benefits are far too compelling to ignore, and with a solid social media marketing plan, you can position your company to excel in 2017.

Actually, here are 5 strong benefits of social media marketing for businesses and why it’s important to begin creating a presence on the major networks today.

#1 Boost Brand Awareness and Visibility

Social media is an excellent way to increase brand awareness and create more exposure to your products and services. With networks like Facebook and Twitter literally at your fingertips, you can strategically boost visibility through your blog content, posting social videos and sharing, liking, and commenting on your influencer’s and followers content. Through hashtags, building your own groups, and publishing consistent posts, you can accelerate your brand’s name in no time on social media.

With this increase in visibility, you’re able to easily gain valuable customer insights through social media. Because it is a social platform, consumers are apt to actively give their feedback which can serve as golden nuggets for your market research…a win-win for you and the audience you serve.

#2 Engage with Your Target Audience

As mentioned, consumers are looking to interact with businesses on social media. Sites like Facebook make it extremely easy and flexible to communicate with customers on various levels including public posts, private messaging, open groups, and live-streaming video. There are so many ways to engage with your target audience to keep them connected with your brand so you remain “top of mind” when they need your service.

The key to effectively communicating with your audience is appropriately tailoring your language so you resonate with your market on that specific network. How you convey your messages on LinkedIn will be entirely different than how you speak on Facebook. Learning how to adjust your writing for social media so it relates to that audience will play a big role in achieving your social media marketing goals.

#3 Successfully Promote Your Content

The inbound marketing way embraces publishing content that solves problems and educates an intended audience in your area of expertise to attract them to your brand. Social media is the perfect channel for this strategy. You see, from sharing your recent blog posts, YouTube or organic videos, downloadable eBooks, to promoting your next webinar presentation, offering exclusive coupons and creating an ad campaign, social media is the way to get more eyeballs on your content and advertise your business.

Truthfully, by promoting your content on social media, you send tremendous traffic to your website and blog. New and repeat visitors to your site improves SEO ranking, building more exposure and visibility to your brand. Thus, the advantages are multifold; further increase awareness, drive traffic to your website, educate your audience, be viewed as an expert, and generate more followers.

#4 Solid Lead Generation Strategy

We can agree that growing your leads is the lifeline to your business. The more qualified leads you generate into your sales funnel, the more opportunities created for revenue and sales. As you promote your content on social networks, you increase the chances of building your subscriber list when your content directs to an offer that one has to “opt-in” to obtain.

Social media is an ideal place to sharing your landing pages, blog posts that include forms, and ad content because you have an audience that is already interested in your brand. By leveraging your Facebook Business Page, for example, you can hone such outlets to becoming lead generating machines for your company. The goal is ensuring you have a compelling enough offer that entices visitors to exchange their contact info for the goods.

#5 Foster Your Brand Culture

Social media allows you to build a brand culture for your small business. With tools like social media groups, you can cultivate these communities of like-minded individuals with your content, expertise, and personality to keep them engaged and falling in love with your brand. You’re able to foster better relationships with your followers which accelerates the know, like and trust factor.

When people fall in love with your business, this breeds loyalty, repeat business, and fans who rave about you to their networks. “Word of mouth” spreads quickly on social media at the speed of a mouse click. By using these groups and tools to create your own communities, you keep your audience engaged and give your brand that slight edge from the competition.

Final thoughts

One final benefit of social media to mention is the ability to monitor your competitors and discover what’s working in your industry, and what isn’t. You can easily shorten your learning curve by following the tactics and techniques that are producing results on social media yet put your own spin on it so it represents your brand.

In 2017, we can agree that social media is definitely the place to be! People are flocking to their social networks to communicate and be inspired by their favorite companies. You want to be present where your audience shows up. Commit to bolstering your social media marketing to experience new levels of success in your business. You will be glad you did…and so will your customers!

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