7 Big Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Use Linkedin

LinkedIn is indeed the world’s largest social professional network on the web!  For B2B sales and marketers, it’s the best channel towards building strategic relationships, reaching out to qualified business buyers, establishing thought leadership and enhancing your brands reputation.  Using LinkedIn for your small business marketing greatly positions your company for growth.

Designed especially for the business community, LinkedIn has surpassed Facebook as the #1 most important social channel for B2B marketers (Source: Social Media Examiner).  However, regardless if your brand is in the B2B or B2C space, LinkedIn can be a real game-changer in your social media strategy.

In fact, here are seven big reasons why your small business should use LinkedIn for marketing:

#1 Position yourself as a leader and build brand credibility  

Have you ever considered publishing your value-rich blog posts on LinkedIn Pulse?  For B2B brands, this is the perfect platform to showcase your expertise by sharing your quality content, participating in LinkedIn communities, and answering questions.  This community is hungry for fresh content that relates to their niche.  Be the go-to source by publishing rich articles and positioning your brand as a thought leader in the process.

#2 Enhance brand awareness and maximize online presence

Sharing your content also increases awareness around your brand while boosting your online visibility.  LinkedIn is another invaluable outlet to expand your reach and influence.  You see, each social media channel interests different audiences.  To truly maximize your social media marketing efforts, it’s best to leverage each social platform and create content that appeals to that audience.

#3 Boost SEO

Another reason why your small business should use LinkedIn for marketing is to increase visibility in the search engines.  By optimizing your content using best SEO practices and posting on a social media site, you significantly strengthen the chances of your target audience finding your post on Google.

#4 Generate quality leads to your sales funnel

When you share your blog content on LinkedIn, it creates opportunities to drive traffic to your site thus improving lead conversion rates.  The beauty about generating traffic and leads from LinkedIn is these visitors tend to be targeted to those reading your post, hence, they’re more likely to be in your target audience.  The more visitors that land on your site from LinkedIn and become subscribers, the better your list engagement and future sales conversions.

#5 Promote your B2B products and services

If your company targets B2B brands, LinkedIn is hands down the best social network to promote your new or flagship products.  According to Regalix, LinkedIn is now the #1 platform used for product launches among B2B businesses.  Leverage this platform to increase awareness around your new product launch while sharing priceless tips that readers can glean as takeaways from your launch content.

#6 Attract elite talent to your company

Looking for a source to recruit qualified employees into your organization?  LinkedIn can be your one-stop shop to finding and attracting the next movers and shakers for your business.  Using strategies like establishing internship programs or hiring contractors and temporary workers who can later convert into full time are just a few ideas you can use for bringing new people on from LinkedIn.

#7 Receive fresh insights and inspiration to excel at what you do

Not only does LinkedIn offer you the opportunity to share your well-written content with this engaging community, but you also have the advantage of learning from top leaders in your field, all in one convenient network.  As you engage with other posts, you bolster your marketing skills, staying abreast as to what’s working now in inbound marketing.

Enhance and grow your skillset, all while networking with the best!

LinkedIn is a great platform to bring more awareness to your small business brand, execute your content marketing strategy, and highlight your B2B services to an engaging audience.  It’s never too late to begin leveraging this social site to begin sharing your expertise and all that your brand brings to the table.

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