You Need A Website Redesign: Here is 10 Reasons Why

A great website doesn’t just boost traffic, it increases business by turning visitors into customers. You may think your website does its job, but how do you know? Check out these top 10 reasons why you need a website redesign:

Your Site is Difficult to Navigate

The first thing you want to consider when trying to boost traffic is site navigation.  A high bounce rate (meaning customers click on your site and quickly jump off with little to no interaction) is one red flag. Look at the style or flow of your site. Consistency is crucial. Customers don’t want to feel like they’re in a maze, searching for hidden content. They want to find want they need quickly and with as little difficulty possible.

Your Site Appears Outdated or Uses Outdated Technology

Chances are, you’ve been on a neglected or forgotten website. The ones that look like they haven’t been updated in years. Some are easy to spot, others require a trained eye. How do you know if you have an outdated site? Try searching for your site on your phone. According to Google, people use smartphones for searches more than any other device. If your site doesn’t work well on mobile devices, addressing this issue is a must.

Your Website Is Unresponsive

Some websites show up on mobile phones, but that doesn’t make them responsive. You want your site to not only pop up on any device, the layout should change to fit any screen as well as highlight the most important features on each page. As more and more people use mobile devices to access the internet, a responsive site will reach more customers and increases return visitors.

Your Website Isn’t Properly Functioning

Does everything on your site work correctly and have relevancy? A  social media button, for example, that no longer serves a purpose for your site or doesn’t work right. Irrelevant or poorly functioning links hurt your site’s and your company’s reputation.

Your Site Is Slow

How long does it take your site to load? Most people won’t wait for a slow website, especially if they can go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.

SEO Issues

Common SEO (search engine optimization) problems, like having duplicate content, reduces your site’s credibility. Typical SEO problems are easy to identify, quickly resolved and fixing them greatly improves your website.

Your Website Isn’t Aligned With Your Marketing Strategy

Taking the time to determine if your site helps your marketing goals is a good idea. Are your core ideas and advertising needs supported on your site? If not, it’s probably another simple SEO issue.

Does Your Site Reflect Your Brand? 

Your site is a direct reflection of you or your company. For example, have you been on a company’s site that supports eco-friendly business practices? Did you notice a lot of green? Green represents nature and the earth. Using red or black wouldn’t effectively display their brand.

Your Content Doesn’t Meet The Needs of Your Audience. 

When developing a solid website, always determine who your audience will be and what they’ll expect from your site. Your site should reach out to your specific visitors. For example, if you’ve determined your main customers are professionals with masters degrees, content written at a sixth-grade level doesn’t meet their needs.

Is Your Site Easy to Maintain? 

Consistent updating is crucial to your site’s success. If you can’t easily maintain your site you might neglect it. Tricky HTML codes or poorly structured sites are difficult to manage. Address issues that make it hard to keep up with your site.

We hope these tips help. Thanks for reading.

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