Wordpress Speed Optimization Services
Stop loosing potential customers just because your website is slow

Wordpress Speed Optimization Services

Make your Website Faster in 3 Days!

Did you know that website speed affect your search engine ranking?

Among 200+ Google ranking factors, website speed is one of the crucial factors. Google now penalizes the websites that are slow and rewards the websites that load really faster. So if you want to increase your website traffic, make sure to optimize your speed.

Why you should optimize your website speed?

Your website speed determines your search rankings.

Boost in Search Ranking

High Conversion Rate

Better User Experience

Reduce Bounce Rate

How We Boost your Website Ranking?

We'll analyze every area of your site and apply all our recommended changes to get you a high-performance load speed, guaranteed!

Enable Page Caching

Caching has a great impact on site speed. We’ll use a WordPress caching plugin and fine tune it based on your Website and Hosting Needs.

Minimize Redirects

Redirects can cause major speed issues, it is not good for user experience. We’ll cut down on the redirects that cause site performance issues.

Minify CSS & JS Files

CSS and JS files can be combined to reduce the number of roundtrips between the user’s browser and your site. We will compress all CSS and JS files.

Removing Qeury Strings

URLs with "?" and "&" are not cached by some proxy servers. We will remove them from static resources to improve your website speed.

Images Optimization

Compressing images improves site speed significantly. We use the best compression techniques to optimize your images without loosing quality.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Reducing the objects on your site can minimize the number of HTTP requests required for that page to render. Fewer requests equals more SPEED!

Enable GZip Compression

Compressing with gzip helps speed up your pages and reduce bandwidth used. This means lower loading times and an overall faster website.

Defer Parsing of Javascript

Until your Javascript files are downloaded your page won't display properly. We will defer your JS files and configured them to load asynchronously.

Reduce Server Response Time

Often website is slow because it is hosted on a bad server. If tests shows that your its response is slow, we’ll move your site to a faster hosting.

Database Optimization & Cleanup

Over time databases can become slow, Our Speed Experts will do a full optimization of your database. This will result in a faster SQL response time.

Prioritize Visible Content

Each web page is made up of slow and fast elements, We will prioritize loading of page content, so that the site appears to load very fast for users.

Render Blocking Resources

Render blocking javascript has a real effect on how fast your pages load. If javascript is keeping the page from loading fast, your users wait.

Enable Browser Caching

By setting Expires Headers, people visiting your website will be shown a faster-loading cached version instead of having to load the entire website.

Content Delivery Network Setup

CDN ensure faster load time of pages by caching content in different servers around the world. Plus it reduce bandwidth and prevent DDOS attacks.

Before & After Speed Reports

We make sure to test your website speed before and after we implement our optimization measures, so you know that your site speed has improved.

Make your Website Faster

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