How to Grow a Successful Email List in 2017

In 2017, email marketing continues to be an important piece of the inbound marketing strategy. When it comes to statistics, conversions, and ROI generated through any marketing channel, email marketing outperforms them all, including social media (Source: Business2Community). Honing your email strategy yields amazing results like increased revenue, engagement, and a growing number of loyal customers.

It all begins with capturing quality leads. You see, building your email list with prospects that represent your ideal customer (or buyer personas) gives you better leads to work in your sales funnel. You’ll create more success in your lead nurturing with a list that is interested and engaged with your brand.

Here’s how to grow a successful list of subscribers to build your most valuable asset this year.


#1 Leverage Multiple Landing Pages

Landing pages are essential tools for every business that desires growth online. They’re focused on one goal: capturing your visitor’s contact information.

By offering a valuable exchange such as an eBook, video series, checklist, or a promise to deliver remarkable content to their inboxes, landing pages are designed to grow your subscriber list and entice people to opt-in.

Here are a few suggestions when publishing landing pages:

  • Make your landing pages super actionable with clear content that shares exactly what your reader is getting
  • Be sure that your lead offer solves a specific problem or answers a pressing question in your niche
  • Discounts, special free items, or templates work well too in fostering opt-ins
  • Target keyword phrases that your audience is searching for to optimize for SEO
  • A great practice is to have as many landing pages as necessary that not only addresses your various buyer personas needs but also promotes different content offers you’re giving away

It’s important that you test and measure to discover which landing pages are converting well. Focus more on promoting those particular pages and content offers that resonate with your audience.


#2 Use “Inline” Downloads in Your Blog Posts

Converting your blog readers into subscribers is easy using inline download forms. These opt-in boxes actually are embedded within your blog post and the offer specifically relates to the topic the visitor is reading at that moment.

For example, if your blog title is “How to Create SMART Marketing Goals”, an appropriate offer to give as they’re reading is a free downloadable template the reader can use to set their objectives for the year.

The key is for your resource to align perfectly with the content for maximum effect. They are more likely to click and take advantage of your checklist because it’s what they’re already interested in.

Therefore, create different content formats that match your blog topics to increase lead conversions. Offer them within your posts to turn your blog into a lead generating machine!


#3 Host Webinars

Webinars is an incredible tool that bolsters your thought-leadership and credibility in your field. You’re able to dive deeper into topics, give live product demonstrations, and answer questions from participants.

They’re also a great way to capture leads. Every viewer must register their name and email to join your presentation. The benefits are multifold here: you’ll build your list, increase brand exposure, give immense value to your audience, and position your brand as an authority.

Host webinars to expand on popular blog posts, promote new products or services, or delve into industry topics. Be sure to promote it on social media and to your current list to increase attendees. Encourage those who’ve registered to pass it on to their networks as well.


#4 Simply Ask Social Media Followers to Subscribe

This is as easy as it gets! Maximize your social media networks by simply asking followers to join your list. Let them know the benefits and perks they’ll gain by staying connected with your brand. Whether you send out weekly or monthly eNewsletters, tell them the type of advice or content you plan to share to add value to their being.

Do you already have a sizable list? Show social proof by sharing the number of subscribers that are presently enjoying your content. Be sure to give the direct link to where they should sign up with a clear call to action.


#5 Provide a Clear CTA in Your Content

Giving a clear call-to-action (CTA) is an essential step to moving your viewers to action. Telling your viewers exactly what to do next will make a huge difference in boosting lead conversions.

In fact, this concept applies to your landing pages, social media posts, email messages…any of your marketing content. Whatever your desired goal (likes, shares, comments, or clicks), be sure to clearly convey that in your message to increase engagement.

Therefore, sell your visitors on why they should subscribe to receive your content offer. Choose emotionally driven words like free, better, and now that inspires your readers to take action and makes them feel like they will miss out if they don’t subscribe.



Growing your email list is the lifeline of your business. Since email marketing works 40 times better at getting customers than all social media networks, it’s crucial to perfect this strategy while filling it up with quality prospects that are engaged in your brand.

Plan to implement 2-3 of these techniques to grow a successful email list subscribers this year. Add on more tactics to continue increasing your list. Soon you’ll discover which ones best resonate with your unique audience, which allows you to zero in on what’s working.

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