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Inbound marketing has proven effective for countless companies in nearly every industry. But getting started can feel overwhelming, even for experienced marketers. We can help you start your inbound marketing program the right way with an Inbound Marketing Strategy Assessment and Plan that addresses the specific needs and goals of your business.

Review your current inbound marketing efforts

We kick off our assessment by taking a deep dive into your current marketing efforts. We’ll review your marketing goals, evaluate your overall marketing strategy, conduct a competitor analysis and analyze your website’s usability, structure and messaging. During this free assessment, we also identify your current marketing assets such as; offers, content, lead and customer databases, internal staff, social media reach and software capabilities.

Setting Goals

Another core component of this assessment is to establish your goals and timeline for growth. It is important to understand where you currently are in order to be able create realistic and achievable goals for the future. After we have clearly identified the building blocks we have to work with, we can move to our next step, which is building an Inbound Strategy and Plan.

Identify your Buyer Personas

The first step in the strategy process is to identify your target market; we refer to them as customer personas. You may have several different segments of customers that you are trying to reach, so we need to identify each one and build out a profile for them. This will enable us to truly understand their perspective and the problems they are faced with that your product or service can solve. We can then identify what types of content and messaging will best resonate with each customer persona. During this process, we will also uncover the best marketing channel to reach each persona. For example, if you are a B2B sales company, your target customers may be on LinkedIn more often than Pinterest.

Develop Tactics and Plan

Once we have decided who your customer personas are, what kind of content they need, and where we can reach them, it's time to create a Plan for the various tactics we employ. This may include actions such as: updating your website, search engine optimization, blogging, webinars, social media marketing, email marketing, search engine marketing, press releases, etc. Inbound marketing is a long-term strategy so it is important your Plan incorporates this philosophy.