Comprehensive PPC Audit Services

Save money and increase clicks with our PPC Audit Services. We’ll review everything, from your ad copy and bidding strategy to your quality score and landing pages.

What is a PPC Account Audit

Are you running Google Ads campaigns but you’re not sure whether they are well optimized? Would you like to check whether your PPC account is well set up? Are you struggling to generate conversions?

If you face any of these problems, our PPC audit service can help you out! We will review several aspects of your Google Ads account including settings, budgets, keywords performance, campaigns structure, tracking setup, conversion rate, and more. Our PPC expert will ensure that you are using its features to your full advantage and will prepare a comprehensive Google Ads audit for you with a detailed report and recommendations for improvements.

Get started today, uncover inefficiencies, wasted budget, potential missed opportunities, and generate better results from your PPC campaigns.

Benefits of a PPC Audit

  • Optimize your PPC campaigns
  • Provides helpful strategy advice.
  • Better conversions and ROI.
  • Prevents wasting your Ad budget.
  • Increase your Click Through Rate
  • Improve landing page experience.
  • Detect technical problems.

Our PPC Audit Process

Here Some Useful PPC Stats

1 Assess

Your dedicated consultant will have a PPC audit discovery call with you to understand your business objectives and goals.

2 Audit

We check several aspects including your account settings, keywords, campaigns, conversion tracking, budgets and more.

3 Report

You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the PPC audit with recommendations for improvements.

In-Depth PPC Account Audit for Higher Campaign ROI!

What Do You Get With Our PPC Audit Services?

Paying for ads doesn’t guarantee customers; they need to be optimized. Here are some of the areas that we will review when you hire Compiac for a PPC audit.

KPIs and Goals

We will take look at your goals and review your google ads campaigns' historical performance trends which helps us pinpoint your PPC issues and problems.

Analytics Integration

Verify that your Google Ads account is properly linked to your Google Analytics Account and you have setup the required goals for your campaigns.

Conversion Tracking

Ensure that you are tracking conversions properly from paid ad campaigns when an action such as a phone call or form submission takes place.

Budget and Bidding

Check that the daily budget is sufficient, validate the bidding strategy for your campaign, and verify bid adjustment to ensure you can hit your KPI metrics.

Keywords Analysis

Our PPC experts will review and optimize your keywords (converting, unprofitable and negative). This will help you reach the right audience and save budget wasting.

Account Settings

Check your Google Ads account settings and structure, making sure the preferences have been set up for language display, number format, time zone, auto-tagging, etc

Campaign Setup

Verify the structure of your campaigns to ensure you have selected the proper networks, locations, devices, Ad rotation, and Ad scheduling options.

Ads Extensions

Ads extensions are very important if used properly they can increase your CTR. We will ensure that sitelinks, structured snippets, and callout extensions are used properly.

Ads Copy

Your ad content impacts how your audience responds to your ad. We will make sure that your Ads headlines and descriptions are optimized.

Landing Pages

Ensure that your landing pages provide a good user experience and their context, images and content are relevant to the user search term and your Ad campaign.

PPC Audit FAQs (Pay Per Click Audit FAQs)

How often should we conduct a PPC Account Audit? How do I know if I need a PPC Account Audit? 
Google Adwords account audit are essential for businesses trying to run an efficient Google Ads campaigns. You should audit your PPC account regularly regardless of performance. If you’re not getting the desired return of investment on your investments then that signifies that now is as good of a time to start.
What is involved in a Google Ads Audit?

A PPC audit is a thorough investigation into your PPC account to identify areas that can be improved to boost campaign effectiveness. PPC auditing is a manual time-consuming process. Some of the key areas we review as a part of our Google Ads account audit include conversion tracking, location, ads scripting, bidding strategy, keyword selection, keyword matching, remarketing ads, search terms, ad copy, and landing pages. We will provide specific recommendations to improve your account structure, ad extensions, and campaign settings

What is the outcome of having a PPC Audit?
The desired outcome of a PPC audit is that areas that can be improved have been identified so that your business has a strategy into how to boost performance online. Every technical aspect of the account will be checked, with any negatively effecting influences removed.
How much time does the PPC Audit take?

Depending on your needs, the size and complexity of your Google Ads account and the number of your paid search campaigns, PPC Audit Services can take up to 3-4 weeks to complete.

How much your PPC Audit service costs?

The cost of a PPC Audit will depend on the size and complexity of the Ad account being reviewed. The larger your ad account is, the more time it will likely take for our team to conduct the audit. Smaller, local campaigns generally require significantly less time and, therefore, will cost less.

Also, it depends on whether you are opting for training or guideline which can affect the total cost. At Compiac, we provide customized solutions and offer affordable in-depth PPC audit packages. Contact us to get an idea of approximately how much the PPC audit will cost.

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