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Building your email list is the lifeblood of your business. Every marketing platform should be leveraged to capturing possible leads to grow your sales funnel to boost revenue potential. A major advantage of your business blog is that it serves as the perfect tool for fostering your lead generation strategy.

Your business blog is a top marketing tool that brings credibility to your brand. It is the platform to showcase your expertise, offer solutions to your readers, and increase visibility online. When completely optimized, your blog can serve as a true lead generating and sales machine, bolstering your bottom-line.

When most brands think of SEO tactics, they spend a considerable amount of time thinking of keywords and optimizing their web content to rank for these phrases. Yet, that’s only part of the puzzle. You see, there are other elements that affect search engine optimization and will also better your website’s visibility.

With 89% of B2B marketers using content marketing to advance their business goals, how can you separate your blog posts from the sea of content being produced online? More marketers and brands are blogging now than ever before in an effort to appeal to today’s consumer. It’s indeed the best way to increase brand exposure, […]

Blogging for your business is mandatory for building a strong and authoritative brand online.  In 2016, no brand should be without an active blogging campaign that produces ongoing quality content for their followers and customers.  It’s the platform that builds the like, know, and trust factor with prospects while increasing brand awareness and exposure.  With […]

You have a great idea for an article or blog post that will be sure to interest your target audience. But you have one problem: you can’t come up with a headline that reflects the contact or draws in your audience. Every day, countless marketers and publishers run into that same issue. Headlines and titles […]

Are you trying to increase your daily or monthly blog visits? turn random visitors into dedicated subscribers? or start a blog entirely from scratch? while building a blog is an easy task, especially using WordPress, generating significant traffic is the hard part. When you publish a blog post, you will expect shares links and comments […]

In these days simply creating posts is not enough, optimizing each post to generate more visitors through organic search results is a must before pressing the publish button. If you don’t take the necessary time to review what you’re putting there, you could be missing out potential traffic and customer. By following the below Inbound […]