5 Steps For Writing Successful LinkedIn Text Ads

Marketing is an essential function of every successful enterprise. Whichever business you are in, the success or failure of a business is determined by the effectiveness of the marketing effort. Successful Companies strategies are all directed at attracting and keeping customers. LinkedIn’s professionally focused environment offers you a huge opportunity for lead generation. It allows you to connect with the world’s largest audience of active, influential professionals, launch your own advertising campaigns, and start generating leads in minutes. Through LinkedIn Text ads as a marketing tool, you can grow your business and drive traffic to your website. To get started all you need: a linked in account and a credit card. Here are 5 steps for writing successful LinkedIn Text Ads.


Step 1: Create Multiple Campaigns

Create multiple different campaigns for each of your products, or services. You can create more than one version of each campaign, and create a different campaign for each geographic region. This will help you identify which of the ads performed best. So you can know which of the ads to keep and which to pause. We have compiled a list of best practices for creating an effective Linkedin campaign

Step 2: Identify your Customers

Successful marketing is all about attracting more of the right customers. If you can identify who are your customers, where are they located, what industry they are in, what skills and expertise they have, the job functions they fill and Linked in Groups they belong to, You will be able to determine who are good potential customers and who are not and focus all of your efforts on these customers. Knowing your customers well will help you develop a strong ad that will set you apart from the competition and make your ad stand out.

Step 3: Write Effective Text Ads

You need to write effective compelling ads with powerful messages that convey the uniqueness of your offer. Knowing your customer’s profession will help you determine the vocabulary you need to use. Your Text Ad should be specific, relevant, attractive, and empowering. Text and links will not be enough, To drive higher engagement from your audience you need to include a picture with bright colors, and call-to-action terms that provoke an immediate response usually using an imperative verb such as “Call now”, “Sign up now” or “Get started today”. The call to action button is an essential part of inbound marketing in that it actively strives to convert a user into a lead and later into a customer.

Step 4: Campaign Budget

Next, you need to decide on your campaign budget. LinkedIn allows you to set your own budget. How long your campaign will run and how much it will cost you per day. Decide whether to run a CPC (cost per click) campaign or CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) campaign. In CPC, you will get charged when someone clicks your ad click not each time an ad is shown, while in a CPM you will be charged every time your ad is shown to a Linked in a member. For LinkedIn, it is most beneficial to advertise using a cost per click method, even at the minimum bid allowed, which is $2.00. Once your campaign starts, it’s important to monitor the activity and make optimizations when necessary to increase the chances of your campaign success.

Step 5: Create Powerful Landing Page

You need to make sure of customizing your land page to match your ad campaign. Your ad’s goal is to grab the audience’s attention, excite them about your offer and entice them to click. Once the users click on your ad and they are directed to your landing page they need to find what you promised in your ad campaign. And so, regardless of the quality of the ad, the campaign might still fail if you send them to a poor landing page that does not attract users to stay and engage. You need to have different landing pages for different offers and target audiences that offer valuable and beneficial information that is relevant to the target audience’s needs.


In conclusion, LinkedIn Text Ads is a marketing tool that you can use to manage your campaigns, reach thousands of potential professional prospect clients from specific industries, keep track of how much you are spending and monitor the response you get from other users. If you want to grow your business, and you are looking for an effective tool to use, then LinkedIn Text Ads might just be what you are looking for.

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