6 Amazing Inbound Marketing Tips for Creating Stunning Websites


Inbound marketing has become the preferred method for many business to capture more customers than if focusing on offline marketing. While you’ve maybe used outbound marketing for a long time, you’re likely realizing the limitations of this in your campaigns. Especially when you have a website, seeking out visitors can sometimes lead to disappointment and too much wasted time.

With inbound techniques, you’re attracting customers to you rather than searching online for them. This works by creating design and content people automatically gravitate to. Yet, for more targeting, you need more details, including six specific things to bring the most success.

Here’s 6 amazing inbound marketing tips for creating stunning websites. This ranges from how you put together your web design to create valuable content for your audience.

1. A Simple and Professional Design

An unprofessional website just isn’t going to cut it in a time when first online impressions are everything. If a first-time visitor sees that your web design looks cheap and overly basic, they’re going to assume your business doesn’t pay enough attention to quality.

You need to make sure you achieve a professional design, and it doesn’t always need to cost a fortune when you include off-the-shelf designs from WordPress.

Most importantly, focus on simplicity in your design, which should bring easy navigation so it’s easy to move from one page to the other. Always keep in mind that good design equals simple beauty, something you should always keep in mind when designing anything.

2. Enhanced Imagery

If you think you’ve successfully created an effective design, you also need to think about enhanced imagery on your site. Pay attention to various elements like color, layout, and overall graphical appearance.

Take color psychology seriously and how it creates emotion. It can help users become attracted to your brand through familiarity, as well as how you organize information.

Graphics should have simplicity as well, though you should give an immediate sense of who you are in every image. Even font styles help you carve out a vision visitors instantly relate to.

3. Mobile-Friendliness

With statistics showing mobile usage soaring to 1,600 million users worldwide, you have no excuse not to make your site mobile-friendly. The more mobile you are, the better chance you’ll attract visitors, particularly when you format your site for various devices.

Don’t forget to create compatibility for not only smartphones, but also tablets, laptops, and wearables.

4. Personalization

Optimizing your site so it’s targeted to the audience you want to attract is why inbound marketing exists. By using personalized techniques. you can win visitors over and possibly convert them.

You should start this by optimizing your site for conversions. The way to make this happen quickly is to create smart content focusing on the pain points of the user. Plus, setting up forms to gain exclusive content proves your value.

It’s easier to attract customers when you have a compelling call-to-action so you inspire to buy into your brand. Visitors want unique experiences based on what they want, and it’s important to put together customer personas to understand your leads.

5. Improving User Experiences

Taking the customer personas above, you’ll get an idea of consumer interest, which helps you better shape your design. However, you may already have a website up, though want to include inbound techniques to attract a more targeted group.

A redesign helps you get there to improve user experience and create a site better fitting your target personas. Ultimately, you’ll bring stronger branding to your site if you previously used overly bland designs.

6. Offering Fresh and Valuable Content

In the end, it’s all about quality content that attracts a loyal audience. Your content has to become fresh and valuable if you want visitors to stick around. Much of your content should become exclusive and not something easily found through a Google search.

It should also address targeted pain points and prove you have the expertise to help solve these problems.

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