7 Powerful Reasons to Market Your Business on Instagram

Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users that are engaging in their newsfeed, liking comments, responding to posts and reposting content on a regular basis. Because of this amazing responsiveness to content, marketers are leveraging this visual platform to connect with their audiences, increase exposure, and further their social media marketing goals…generating lots of success for their businesses.

In fact, here are a few statistics pulled from Hootsuite illustrating the power behind Instagram marketing:

  • 80% of Instagram users come from outside the U.S. (great for global businesses)
  • 50% of Instagram users follow at least one business
  • Users “like” a remarkable 4.2 billion posts per day
  • 60% of users say they learn about a product or service on IG
  • 8% of brands are using Instagram, with an expected rise to 70.7% by 2017
  • A whopping 75% of Instagram users take action (like visiting a website) after looking at an IG advertising post

These numbers are convincing enough to inspire one to ramp up their Instagram activity to begin promoting to this audience.

Here are seven more profound reasons why you should market your business on instagram to better your social media marketing strategy:

#1 Boost Brand Awareness

One of the major advantages to marketing on Instagram is the ability to generate more exposure to your brand. With the proper use of hashtags, you can get your visual content in front of people who have never heard of your company before.

Tools like Buffer or Hootsuite can help you maintain a consistent presence by scheduling your content in advance. You can also use their features to help you publish your content during optimal times when your audience is most responsive.

#2 Highlight Your Products or Service

As mentioned, the majority of Instagram followers have discovered more about a product or service while on Instagram. While users are scrolling through their newsfeed, give them something compelling to look at by showcasing your product in a high-quality image. You can share the benefits, features, customer testimonials, and how it works in separate visuals for more awareness.

#3 Showcase Your Company Culture and Values

Live-streaming video is all the rave on social media, significantly capturing attention and boosting engagement with viewers. A recent study showed that people spend 3 times longer watching a live video versus one that has been prerecorded. Instagram Stories is that live-streaming video platform that allows followers to connect with you in real-time, giving them an authentic taste of your brand.

You see, Stories gives you a chance to offer your followers the real you! They get to experience you behind-the-scenes, at a company event, during a meeting, demonstrating a product, or sharing advice on a given topic. This builds the know, like, and trust factor, further bolstering relationships with your followers.

#4 Promote to Prospective Customers       

Certainly, your target audience is on Instagram! If you’ve properly established your buyer personas and understand their pains, challenges, and needs, then you know how to communicate with them on this social site.

Since consumers are looking to connect with their favorite brands on social media, you have the opportunity to promote to potential customers as well as share value to keep them engaged with your brand. Give the people what they want by showing up on one of the fastest growing social media sites!

#5 Build Your Community

Another powerful reason to marketing your business on Instagram is having another channel to building a strong social community around your brand. By publishing content that resonates with your audience and fosters engagement, you’ll grow an army of like-minded followers who are liking, commenting and sharing your content with their followers. This growing can yield major benefits such as website traffic, fresh leads, new sales, and loyal customers.

#6 Report Company News and Updates

Social media has always been an outlet to share breaking news, give updates, and keep your market in the know of industry changes. Instagram provides the same opportunity, yet, leveraging visuals. Position your brand as an expert, source, and thought-leader in your niche simply by reporting trending news as they relate to your industry.

#7 Increase Brand Loyalty

Being on Instagram gives you a chance to appeal to different people within your market that may not be as active on other networks like Facebook. Therefore, you provide more ways for your audience and loyal customers to connect with you. Your presence on Instagram bolsters brand loyalty because you can share value to an audience that relates better to Instagram and its platform.


Promoting your brand on Instagram is a win-win scenario for you and your audience. For you, you’re boosting brand awareness, bringing more exposure to your products and services, and having fun connecting with a vibrant community. As for your customers, they have another way to communicate with you, glean value from your content, and be educated on how you can help them with their problems.

Commit to building your Instagram presence today!

Much success.

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