How to Better Promote Your Business on Facebook (Part 2)

A whopping 66% of adults are logging onto Facebook every day to stay connected with the world. The #1 social media network is indeed one of the best places to market your brand online as consumers seek to find ways to communicate with their favorite brands on social.

As we continue this 2-part series in How to Better Promote Your Business on Facebook, we’ll delve into ways to get more followers to your Page, how to maximize on Facebook Ads, and why testing your results is super important to growth.

(Check out the first part to this article here if you missed it!)

So here is your 5 Steps on How to Promote Your Business on Facebook – Part 2


Step #3 Strategically Promote Your Page

Now that you have your goals set and Business Page created, it’s time to get more eyeballs on your content by increasing your followers. You see, you want followers who are targeted and likely interested in the posts you’re sharing to further engagement. This coverts into shares, lead conversions, and sales…key metrics that prove your strategy is working.

Here are 3 quick tactics you can implement now to promote your Page:

#1 Publish Quality-Rich Content

Creating quality-rich, engaging content is the cornerstone to your inbound marketing strategy. Sharing your blog content on Facebook is a great way to feed your audience value while positioning your brand as an expert in your niche. When followers are interested in your content, they are more likely to share it with their like-minded networks. Solve problems, inform, educate and inspire your followers with rich content.

Remember, content includes videos, images (like quotes and infographics), live-streaming videos, surveys and polls, and curated content…leverage them all!

#2 Host Facebook Contests

Running social media contests is a great way to create buzz and boost exposure around your brand. It gets existing followers interacting with your content while building engagement from new users. The major advantage is that it doesn’t require a lot of planning and you can host one as soon as tomorrow. Also, winners are able to experience more of your brand through your free giveaway, which should be a product or service.

An easy contest you could host is the “Like My Post to Win Contest”. Simply ask participants to like your post and follow you to enter. Encourage participants to share the post to get their networks in on the fun. Don’t forget to email your list for more responsiveness.

#3 Share Your Blog Content with Your List

Did you know that email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources? Involving your list is a great strategy to growing your followers. Include plugins that allows subscribers to share your content on their Facebook timeline for more exposure.

Step #4 Run Advertising Campaigns

Facebook Ads is another way to methodically promote your business on this network. Simply by running ad campaigns, you can build massive exposure to your brand, boost followership, and increase your lead and sales conversions. Facebook makes it really easy to create targeted ads to get in front of your intended audience. It’s also highly cost-effective and can fit any budget or goal.

Facebook Ads vs. Boosting Posts

Once you publish a post on your Timeline, you have the option to boosting that post or giving it more juice to spread across multiple target audiences you establish in the settings. The post will show up in your audiences’ newsfeed organically, without the Sponsored Tag which appears on Ads. Its easier and more accessible to do than creating a Facebook Ad. The biggest difference with Boosting Posts versus Ads is that it has limited targeting capabilities and no goal setting ability.

How to Successfully Target Your Ads

Here are a few successful ways to optimize your Facebook Ads targeting:

  • Consider expanding the age range; test a wider range by choosing an age range of either 10 years or 30-40 years. This can help cut cost and Facebook still tends to show your ad mainly to your target audience
  • Leverage the Must also Match feature to boost engagement and reduce costs by up to 25%. The feature allows you to go beyond choosing just a group of interests in your ad settings
  • Facebook Retargeting is a must! Having your ad content follow visitors everywhere they go significantly boosts conversions and keeps your brand “top of mind” after people leave your ad
  • Serve ads to people who have visited your website but haven’t purchased yet
  • Create a lookalike audience of people who have already converted on your ads

Step #5 Test and Measure Your Results

The final step to promoting your business on Facebook is understanding what’s working and generating results, optimizing your efforts, and knowing which tactics need to be dismissed or modified for improvement. Actually, this is the essence of marketing…knowing what your market is most receptive to so that you can create more of that content and breed more favorable outcomes.

Testing, measuring, and tracking will be an essential ingredient to your overall social media marketing strategy and should not be skipped! The good news is there are tools and apps that can help you with analytics and increasing productivity.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights is a powerful tool that helps you track follower interaction on your Business Page and better understand your Page’s performance. By using Facebook Insights, you’ll be able to determine the best time of day to post, which day of the week works best for your audience, and what type of content is most popular. It is your “go-to” tool in knowing how well your marketing is performing on Facebook. Based on this data, you can make adjustments and hone in on the techniques that are producing.

Social Media Management Tools

The difference in utilizing social media management tools like Buffer, CoSchedule, or Hootsuite along with Facebook Insights is the ability to schedule your posts in advance to bolster productivity. Although these apps come with built-in analytics that you can glean data from, the huge advantage is the time you save from organizing, planning, and automatically scheduling your content. You’ll become more efficient and be able to maintain a steady presence on Facebook.

Important Metrics to Consider

To measure the success of your posts , here are a few questions you can ask to discover what’s effective:

  • What was the reach of my post? How many people saw my post in their Newsfeed
  • How many likes did I generate?
  • How many people shared my post?
  • How much feedback did I create through comments?
  • What were the click-through percentages?
  • Who is talking about my Page?

Your answers will provide concrete data to use to better tailor your post to meet the demands of your market. A win-win!


Facebook is a solid platform to execute your social media marketing strategy to boost brand awareness and visibility, grow your leads list, generate new sales, and build a community of loyal followers that boast about your brand. This 2-part series is a clear guide on how to better position your company on Facebook in front of an audience that is actively looking to connect with you. Include it in your strategy, test your results, and make adjustments from there. With consistency, you will create the results you desire for your business.

Much success.

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