How to Use Instagram to Increase Brand Awareness

Promoting your brand on Instagram is a powerful move towards boosting exposure, featuring your products or services, driving traffic to your site, and gaining new customers. It’s one of the top growing social media platforms and businesses are taking full advantage by successfully connecting with their audiences and spreading their brand message.

You too can begin optimizing this network to enrich your social strategy and achieve desired business goals. The following are five ways to use Instagram to increase brand awareness and boost your reach online.

# Use Hashtags

Hashtags are king on Instagram. It’s one of the primary search tactics to new people finding and following you that have never heard of your brand. Not using hashtags properly will severely hurt the visibility of your content.

Therefore, always include them in your posts. Hashtagify and Top-Hashtags are sources to finding hashtags that related to your niche and generating lots of engagement. You can also follow your competitors and influencers to discover which ones are creating engagement for their posts.

The key is spending some time creating a list of hashtags that you’ll use regularly to really grow your audience. Aim for 5-10 hashtags per post, test and measure your results, and make the proper adjustments.


#2 Host Contests

Everyone loves contests with free giveaways! Social media is an excellent platform for holding them since they generate a lot of buzzes and get people responsive to your content. One major advantage is that they’re not hard to implement. You could host one as soon as tomorrow to begin drawing attention to your posts and gaining new social followers.

An easy type is the “Like My Post to Enter” contest. Simply ask people to like your post by double-tapping to participate. Leverage your branded hashtag along with popular ones so new users can find you. Also, create a hashtag name for your contest.

When people repost your contest post, they receive an additional entry so encourage new followers to share it on their newsfeed to foster more responses. Finally, be sure that you showcase a prize that entices people to enter. Your flagship product or service works perfectly!


#3 Highlight Other Influencers

Tagging influencers in your posts and reposting their content are simple techniques for getting your brand name in front of their massive audience. However, this must be done as a partnership where you create winning situations for both parties involved.

You see, tagging powerhouses in your posts just to promote your business does not give you the advantage and can appear to be spammy. It’s important to consistently engage in their content by liking their posts, sharing thoughtful comments, and reposting their visuals with proper credit. Soon you will get their attention and they will do the same for you, positioning your brand in front of their audience.

There is so much power behind influencer marketing that can lead to new opportunities like future collaborations. But if nothing else, this tactic will accelerate your followership as people trust recommendations from those they trust.


#4 Host a Takeover

A social media takeover is when you invite someone to take over your Instagram feed for a period of time. Hosting an Instagram takeover is a way to connect with other members of your community (like an influencer, employee, or ambassador) and get them actively involved in your content.

You’ll put a different spin on your content and bring a fresh perspective, all while increasing engagement and brand awareness. This is a joint effort so teaming up exposes each individual followers to the other account, opening doors to put your brand in front of new people.

Additionally, using someone who exemplifies your brand helps humanize your voice and shows that you value your audience. Follow these tips to plan a successful Instagram takeover for your social strategy.


#5 Leverage Instagram Stories

People are spending 3 times longer watching live social videos than ones that have been prerecorded (Source: Social Media Today). Live-streaming videos quickly capture attention and move people to action. Instagram Stories gives you another outlet to communicate value to your audience by sharing breaking news, promoting a new product, or taking your followers backstage at a live event.

Leverage this tool to your advantage. Extend value by expanding on a blog topic or addressing frequently asked questions. Give a CTA in your video by asking followers to repost your content for added exposure.



These techniques will position you to win on Instagram and in your overall social media strategy. If you desire more growth on Instagram, put them to work and test your outcomes. Step #1 (using hashtags) is a must for every post you publish, yet, you can add 1-2 additional tactics and gauge your results. See what resonates best with your audience so you can continue producing content that creates engagement.

Much success.

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