How To Attract More Followers on Facebook in 5 Easy Steps

Like a talented musician playing music to an empty room, you need to attract an audience if you want to be heard! The same goes for social media –such as Facebook- You have to grow and engage an audience in order to let people “hear” all of the great things about your business. In this article we will focus on building a Facebook audience, so how you can attract more followers on facebook?

Make sure your page is properly filled out with searchable information

Your Facebook page should include at least the below:

  • An overview of what your business has to offer;
    A link to your website
  • Any other information that will help prospects understand your business better.
  • If you don’t already have one, create a Facebook Page for your business. Then follow these tips to drive sales on your website.
  • Add basic information that will help people understand your business better (like photos and links)
  • Add at least one Page category so your business will turn up in relevant search results.

Invite friends to like your page

After creating your Facebook page, you need to invite your personal friends to “like” it. Friends are likely to see, like, share and comment on your content which will increase the likelihood that your content will show up often in the News Feed. You can also use your email contacts to encourage them to connect. All these people will build the initial foundation and set the tone of conversation on your Page.

Incorporate Facebook into your online and offline communication channels

Making your Facebook Page as discoverable as possible includes promoting your Facebook presence, and removing any barriers for existing contacts to like your Page.  To help build your audience over the long run use Facebook Build Audience, and page promotions options.

Create value for your audience

For one week, stop and take note of anything in your own News Feed that inspires you, educates you, makes you laugh, makes you feel, or compels you to engage or click to read more. When the week is over, take time to reflect on the content you’ve captured. That is your competitive landscape. Get in the game with authenticity, creativity, and thoughtfulness. Be inspired by other businesses like yours here.

Pay for new likes (fans) using Facebook Ads

One of the ad types that Facebook offers is a “Page Like Ad” that contains a call-to-action to “Like Page,” and can appear in the News Feed as a page post or as a display ad on the right-hand column of the News Feed. If you’ve exhausted your existing contacts and want to reach people who don’t know about your Page yet, you can use Facebook’s granular targeting capabilities to reach your ideal buyer persona(s) and spur audience growth.

In conclusion, following these steps will make your Facebook page more attractive and it will let you gain a large number of followers and likers. The more you invite new contacts and you share several posts on interesting subjects, the more you gain the attention of the audience.

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Please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section. I will gladly answer any question that ccomes into your head.

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