Top Content Creation Strategies That Will Double Your Website Traffic

Creating content is something that always sounds easy in the abstract until actually doing it and realizing the challenges involved when pressed for time. As a business, you know you have to create content to attract potential customers to your website. Even so, do you have proper strategies in place to create something compelling?

In today’s times, lazy content is easily scoped out by website users. They can tell already from the first paragraph whether something is worth reading. It’s the same with videos or a podcast.

Choosing the right type of media to use for your content matters as well in your strategy. Despite being a more visual culture today, you shouldn’t discount writing text in various forms. Evidence shows blogging is still highly effective, though it all depends on usefulness.

Here are the best content creation strategies that will double your website traffic by the end of the year. This includes everything from better understanding your audience to personalizing your content for better targeting.

Understanding What Content People Want

Many marketing content analysts point to understanding your audience as a leading foundation in creating better content strategy. The way forward on this is to create more customer personas and find out what kind of content they’re going for now.

What you think they liked last year may not apply now. Attitudes change on a dime in today’s world where specific news events or social media shape how people think.

Keeping up on these changes and what your most recent customers gravitate to in your content gives a good starting point for creating something with value.

Repurposing Content

While you may initially think repurposing content is a damaging form of content recycling, it’s really not when you consider how much time you’ll save. It’s a content strategy more companies continue to do based on strong statistics showing how wasteful some content is.

Some point out half of all web posts go unnoticed, which only makes content creation efforts become costly. Why not just take a blog post that didn’t do well and turn it into a more compelling video? Or, it can work the opposite way.

Look at your non-performing content and see if it can work in a different format. In many cases, it can improve the message and still look different from the original source.

Creating More Visual Content

The idea that we’re living in a more visual culture never wanes. We’re only increasing this tenfold, which means the more visual your content strategy, the more apt it gets noticed.

As Hubspot noted at the beginning of the year, specific visual content gets more attention than others. Photography is critical to more than half of every marketer today. Colored visuals also get 80% more readership, which is something to keep in mind when creating something like an infographic.

Videos still matter, but you superior visual clarity. Thanks to high-definition cameras not being expensive now, you can create effective videos. However, make them mobile-friendly considering many will likely watch on a mobile device.

Plus, don’t forget to add colorful photos to your blogs to enhance the message behind your words.

Personalizing Your Content

Customers want to have good relationships with the companies they buy from since quality products help them solve problems. You can help nurture those relationships with a more personalized content strategy. Many define this as catering to needs and interests, which all starts with the “understanding your audience” seed above.

In Conclusion, to truly personalize content, you need to go further and scope out customer pain points. The more powerful the pain point, the more apt you’ll attract attention from those seeking solutions.

All of your content should display expertise and proof your products or services can solve problems. In a more competitive business universe, you’ll realize not all businesses do this well yet, giving you an advantage.

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