Tips on How to Create the Perfect Facebook Post

Check out the latest Facebook stats:
  • 1.171 billion active users worldwide
  • average time spent on the platform: 20 minutes
  • 29.7 percent of users in the desirable 25-to-34 age group
  • half of all 18 to 24-year-olds go on the platform when they wake up

With numbers like these, Facebook is a marketing tool that all your competitors use to reach the customers. If you want your message to stand out among a crowded social media field, use the following steps to create the perfect Facebook post.

Make it about your user.

Posts about your daily activities, kids, pets, and hobbies are fine on your social Facebook page because your audience for them are people who care about you. In contrast, a post on your business page is being perused by your busy customers who have too much to do in a day and only decide in a split-second whether to engage with your message. Your post is also competing with many others at the same time.

If you want your customers to read what you have to say, make the post be about them. Presumably, by now, you have a good handle on who your business serves and what their problems are. If a post offers a solution that addresses an issue in your users’ lives, that it is more likely to be read.

Attract with pics.

Scroll down your newsfeed. The posts most likely to attract attention are those with pictures. If you want your users to stop at the posts, add a high-quality picture. Since relationships with others are important to most of your users, images showing people engaged with other people are the ones that garnered the most interest. Make sure to use high-quality images especially if a user to enlarge them from their typical 470-pixel square size. Constant Contact reveals that the ideal Facebook image measures 1200 x 1200 pixels.

Add a link.

According to Facebook, posts that rely on the built-in link format of Facebook get twice as many clicks as those in a photo update. This is because a quick link makes it easier and faster to decide whether users will want to spend time on a longer article. Links are also easier to see on the smaller screen of a mobile device. Facebook thus prioritizes posts that use a link format.

However, make sure that your link does not consist of one long URL, which is not only unfriendly to read but can get cut off on the smaller screen of a mobile device. Instead, choose one or two words to act as your anchor text and then use the built-in tools of Facebook to insert the link into that text.

One big advantage of a link is that it can take the reader away from a Facebook page where your message competes with hundreds of other posts. Then, the reader is brought to your blog or webpage, where you can more control his engagement without competition.

Post off-peak.

According to TrackMaven, the most popular times to post are around lunchtime (12 to 1 PM EST) during the workday (8 AM to 5 PM EST) on Thursdays. This just happens to be the most convenient time to get the job done while at work. Unfortunately, you’re also competing with all the other posts that come up at that time. To stand out among a less crowded field, post after-hours from 5 PM to 1 AM EST, which will increase your interactions by 11 percent. If you post on a weekend day, such as Sunday, you’re 25 percent more likely to get shares, comments, and likes plan if you post midweek.

If you have one more information about how to create the perfect Facebook post, or want more information about using social media driving engagement with your business, please contact us.

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